SerenaKovaloskySerena Kovalosky is a sculptor who is known for pushing the boundaries of traditional gourdcraft to create fine art sculptures that celebrate the organic form. She is also a curator, cultural project developer and owner of Artful Vagabond Productions whose mission is to celebrate the creativity and inspiration that artists bring to this world and to promote the arts as a viable and valuable commodity in today’s society.

She began her career in the travel industry, managing and hosting conventions and travel groups around the world.  After 18 years, she traded her well-worn suitcase for an artist’s loft in Montreal, Canada to pursue her talents as a professional artist.

Kovalosky lived in worked in Montreal’s St. Henri district which, at the time, was a haven for artists and creatives who occupied the old factories along the canal. As with other former artist districts, developers became attracted to the area and despite organized resistance led by Kovalosky and other artists, the buildings became high-end condominiums, forcing artists to find living space and studios elsewhere.

Kovalosky returned to her rural roots in the U.S. to work on a new collection of artwork. The earthy tones and organic forms and designs of this new series were inspired by the nearby Adirondack Mountains. The artist traveled to England to learn the art of gilding with gold leaf, which has become the hallmark of her work.

Serena Kovalosky later began transferring her project management skills from her former career in travel to the art world and co-founded the juried biennial Open Studios of Washington County which to date has brought over $300,000 in art revenue as well as increased tourism to this rural New York community. In 2014, Kovalosky curated and produced the five-month Slate as Muse National Art Exhibition at the Slate Valley Museum and was recently invited to speak at the Museum Association of New York’s Annual Conference about the exhibition’s success using contemporary visual arts and a focused marketing campaign to develop a local and regional “sense of place.”

Kovalosky’s most recent project is a film series, Artful Vagabond, that takes viewers behind the scenes in the studios of working American artists. A pilot episode is currently in post-production.

Serena Kovalosky has appeared on the BBC television travel program, “Holiday,” as well as on Canada’s Life Channel and Quebec’s Canal Vie. Her artwork has been featured in Adirondack Life and exhibited at the prestigious Hyde Collection in Glens Falls, NY.  She has been interviewed by Professional Artist Magazine, Artscope, Art Animal, and on Northeast Public Radio as well as newspapers throughout the Northeast. As an interviewer herself, Kovalosky has written hundreds of articles on artists from around the world for the Artful Vagabond art blogsite.