Creating from the scent of the earth, the rustle of leaves, and the song of the river.

A multidisciplinary exploration of plants, history and humanity. Experiments in gardening, foraging and rewilding shared through sculpture, wildcrafting, storytelling and winemaking.

Sculptural work exploring the inter-relatedness of all things through contemplation of the elements of earth, fire and water and the realms of dreams and visions.

A collection of technology-driven work that explores nature through digital experimentation.

A multidisciplinary project that began in Montreal, inviting participants to choose a seed, experience a contemplative labyrinth and contribute to a Three Sisters Garden.

Serena Kovalosky is a sculptor, writer, photographer, filmmaker, cultural project developer and life-long gardener. Her multidisciplinary work is a reconnection with the natural world at the intersection of art, science, history and the wisdom of “the old ways.”

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