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Serena Kovalosky

Serena Kovalosky is well-known for pushing the boundaries of traditional gourdwork to create contemporary fine art sculptures that honor the organic form. 

Her work promotes a deep reverence for the earth and presents the opportunity to contemplate the fleeting beauty and subtle messages found in the natural world. 

Kovalosky’s woodburned designs are “micro and macro views of Earth, from major continents to water ripples to tiny dots of desert sand.”
– Musings-on-Art.org

The designs and shapes in Kovalosky’s work are encountered in her local environment as well as through her years of travel. The geologic formations of Grand Cayman’s “Hell.” A lightning-struck forest in the Canadian Yukon. The Sonoran Desert in the Southwest. The gnarled roots of Adirondack trees and the pebbled creeks in Vermont. These are visual experiences stored in the artist’s psyche, to be released during the creative process.

Years of “working the land” in her upstate New York home and studio have provided valuable lessons in biodynamic relationships and the cycles of nature which drive Kovalosky’s artistic narrative and vision. Encounters with Native American elders have brought insights into spiritual connections with nature for the artist.

Gilded gold, copper and alloy leaf are incorporated into the work to balance the “earthiness” with the “ethereal,” transforming humble gourds, with their equally humble message, into veritable works of art.

Kovalosky’s work has been featured in Adirondack Life and her art and philosophy have been the subject of television documentaries on Canada’s Life Channel and Quebec’s Canal Vie. Her installations have been the highlight of Montreal’s International Festival for Humanity at McGill University. She was invited to create an Agriculture to Art exhibit for the New York Farm Bureau at The Egg in Albany, NY and she collaborated on an installation for the Georgi Museum in Shushan, NY. Her sculpture, A Woodland Temple, was selected by Charles Desmarais, Deputy Director for Art at the Brooklyn Museum for an exhibition at the Hyde Collection in Glens Falls.

Woodland Temple at the Hyde Collection. By Serena Kovalosky

Kovalosky has appeared on Joe Donahue’s Roundtable on WAMC’s Northeast Public Radio and on CBC Radio-Canada. She has been interviewed by Artscope, Professional Artist magazine, Art Animal, among other numerous publications. Her artwork is collected throughout the world.

Serena Kovalosky is also a curator, cultural project developer and filmmaker. She is the founder and creative force behind Artful Vagabond Productions whose mission is to cultivate a greater appreciation and understanding of visual arts by exploring how artists experience the world and inspiring artful living.